jelly legs

Today has been mui productive so far. We got up early – well not early for everyone but early for us. Had breakfast and WENT TO THE GYM!!!!! We had our fitness evaluations. We do some squat type things so the guy can evaluate  where we could use work and how our muscles are balancing, etc. Chris is already in shape and just needs to work on building muscle where he desires it and or gain some weight. I am not in shape and really need to lose some weight. Yep, knew that. We got some info on personal training packages – which I will likely do since I need all the incentive I can get to actually keep this up (and my general knowledge about getting into shape is weak at best) and then we hit the cardio area.

Cardio is not my favorite and being out of breath is not something I like. I’ve been telling myself I’m doing fairly well on our bike at home and I am really happy with how I’ve been pushing myself to actually work up a sweat. Sweet. Here I am at the gym feeling all cool cause I’ve been doing our bike at home and working up a sweat. I jump on the torture device elliptical machine. It takes me a minute to get a good balance since I haven’t used one before. I think I’m being smart so I set it to do a program. 30 minutes – excellent. Then the ridiculous thing changes resistance to like 15 and incline to 10 and my thighs start screaming – apparently my thighs aren’t happy about this combined with the 35 20 squats I did early for Jeff, the personal trainer. I lower it and tell my self to suck it up and do it anyway. I get through 25 minutes and my thighs and shins and ankles are all yelling profanities at me. I some how manage to make it down the stairs…..side note, WHY do fitness places put the cardio machines UPSTAIRS, are they trying to kill people who can’t feel their legs by making them walk down stairs after working out?? side note over….I make it to get the kids and then to the car. Whew.

3 Advil, 2 glasses of water and one grocery shopping trip later (no this wasn’t torture, it actually helped) – my legs are beginning to feel better. I’m not looking forward to waking up tomorrow with sore legs.

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