Limeades for Learning

I wanted to pop on here real quick today and share a work project that I’m working on. I don’t very often share much about work because I like to keep this blog about my crafting but right now I’m working on a project for Sonic’s Limeades For Learning and I wanted to spread the word.

Limeades For Learning is a project Sonic created to help get school supplies, project materials and technology directly into the hands of students and teachers. Their focus is on funding LOTS of smaller projects to directly impact student learning.

I recently created a project for my classroom through LFL that would fund 3 Flip Cams for student led demonstrations in class. I want the kids to share knowledge with each other by creating their own demonstrations on how to use materials and create.

To get these projects funded the only thing required is a vote. There is no purchase necessary and you can vote each day. The most popular projects each week get funded.

My purpose for sharing this is not to get you to vote for mine, though I’d love that. My purpose is to get you to get our there and vote for any of them. Find a project in your area, at your child’s school and vote for it EACH DAY or vote for mine. Either way… help a classroom, help a teacher, help a student… IT’S FREE!

If you want to do more, post about Limeades for Learning on your Facebook, on your Twitter, on your Blog. Every vote counts and the more votes received the more Sonic will donate.