Missing Grandpa

There are some days when being a mom sucker punches me and knocks me to my knees and makes me wonder how if I really have the stuff it takes to do this.

Today was one of those days.

Evey, Ben and I sat down for a nice quick breakfast this morning after Chris left for work.

Me: Evey, do you want Kix or a cereal bar?
Evey: Cereal bar and milk, please.
Me: Ben do you want Kix or a cereal bar?
Ben: Nama Ga I duoa nay. MLK! (meaning milk which he clearly says with no 'i')
Me: Alright, Kix and milk for you to, little man.
Evey: Mama, You know what? Sometimes Grandpa's get sick and go to the hospital and don't come home. That makes me sad.
Me: *has a heart attack* Yes, sweetie I did know that. It makes me sad too.
Evey: I miss Grandpa.
Me: *rapidly and not very conspicuously fighting the tears that I will not be able to hide* I miss Grandpa too, sweetie. What do you miss about him?
Evey: I miss taking walks, and picking up sticks, and playing play dough, and chasing each other around.
Me: Oh, sweetie, I know he misses doing those things with you too. He loved you very much.
Evey: I loved him too. Can Zoey come over today?

I'm not sure I'm equipped to deal with this.

Bill and Evey blinking2

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