more sketchery

I’ve been doing more sketching. I’m not sure where I’m going with these but I am definitely enjoying sketching them. I might make them into digis… I’m not sure yet.


I also received this blog award from the super amazingly fantastic and very sweet Mag! I’m always in such awe of her work. I was in a bit of shock to see my name on her list. Thank you Mag!

Blog Award

Roughly translated means “This blog is a charm.”

And I get to pass this on to 12 other bloggers. 😀 Each and everyone one of these blogs is a place I go when I need a pick me up or inspiration be it for card making or photography or coloring or all of the above. 😀 I could add so many more to the list but 12 it is…

Lelia~ ~Susan~ ~Betty~ ~Donna~ ~Jessica~ ~Kristy~ ~Annie~ ~Alyssa

Angela~ ~Jodi~ ~Nic~ ~Randi~ ~Risa

Pass it on girls. 😀

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