My Baby is Three!

Wow. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. My sweet little beautiful baby girl is three. Here we are three years ago on her birthday.


I can’t believe what a beautiful, caring, smart, creative, inventive, silly, goofy, funny, loving, sweet, and crazy little girl you have turned out to be. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect littler person than you have turned out to be.

Here you are at two months old, already showing your bright eyed way of looking at the world.


At sixth months you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.


By 10 months it was Christmas and you were ready to take on Santa.


Here you are on your first birthday. What a sweet little girl you were, and what a surprise to find you standing up in your pack-n-play with your tongue sticking out as if you knew that from now on a whole new world of mischief was opening up.


By one and a half you were full of giggles and smiles.


At two you were my crazy girl, talking my ear off and asking questions of everything.



When you were two and a half and our world was turned upside down by Ben’s premature arrival you were amazing. Who knew a two year old could handle so much transition and disruption with such ease and grace? You were always happy to make the long drive to visit him in the hospital, Daddy’s iPod in tow. You sat for hours in his little cubicle looking and asking "Is that my baby Ben?" Everyone always commented on how well you handled visiting him.


And WOW, what a great big sister you have turned out to be. Ben adores you more than anyone else!


And now my sweet girl you are three. I can’t wait to see what adventures await you in the coming year!


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