still here…

gasp… three days in a row without a post. omg. i just thought i’d pop on and say things are super busy for me right now and i’m trying to get ahead on future releases and failingΒ  a bit, lol. i have about a zillion projects that will be on deck for the rest of the weekend though! and I wanted to share sneak peak of a new sketch that I just finished this weekend that is going to be in digi form very soon for you over at the Wild Flower Patch

poppy sketch

On a side note, I’m reading/listening to Shutter Island. Have you read it? I haven’t finished it so don’t know if the ending holds up but so far it’s amazing and freaky. But the thing I wanted to mention the most… the audio book is PHENOMENAL. The read is absolutely brilliant. I normally wouldn’t say this because I like to hear a book in my head my way but WOW the reader is GOOOOOD. (Better, that’s right better, than the Harry Potter reader.)

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