The Bain of My Teaching Existence

Snow. Snow is the worst thing that can happen to a school day, well at least in Missouri. Okay, I’m sure it’s not the worst thing but it’s up there.

So…it snowed today for the first time this winter. And it was a pretty good snow – big fat, quarter sized snow flakes. It snowed like this off and on for 3 hours. Long enough to get the kids into a tizzy about possibly getting out early. It was a pretty weak possibly. You want to know who gets into a bigger tizzy? Who wants to go home so much worse and who can’t say ANYTHING about how badly they want to go home and shop on Amazon or drink Starbucks chai lattes with a good book or a grab beer and a big bowl of chili and watch The Office? The teachers. We want to go home. We want to go home so bad we can taste it.