the one with the drawing of Evey

So I promised yesterday that I would finish my drawing of Evey and post it. And here I am full filling that promise about 6 hours later than I meant to, but oh well. What detained me you ask? Well, Chris and I decided to do some fall yard clean up and now the yard looks awesome and I am tired. Exhausted really.

So on to that drawing… I’ve been trying for the last 45 minutes to get a good picture of it but it’s not happening and I can’t figure out how to get our scanner to work so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to post one of the less than adequate pics right now and then first thing tomorrow when I get to work I’m going to take a better picture and update this because I have better equipment there for taking pictures of artwork…imagine. I’m also going to find the original picture I was drawing from and post it tomorrow too.

Without further adieu… (now with the updated picture)


Click the picture to get up close and personal.

Materials: Graphite on 50# sketch paper.

Here’s the original picture since someone asked me once to post both:

Original picture for the drawing of Evey

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