To cut or not to cut

That is the question. My hair is long. Right now it’s the longest it’s been ever. And I really need a hair cut – even if it’s just a trim.

Over the years I’ve had short hair, medium hair, long hair, spiral perms (yes it was the 80’s), bad perms that made my hair look like my mom’s hair (sorry mom, that cut looks good on you but it never looked good on me) and straight, very, very, straight hair.

Today at 3 pm I have a hair cut scheduled for me and Mario. He’s starting to look like one of the Beatles his hair is so long.

I can’t decide what to do. If I get a lot chopped off I’m sure to regret it right away but I usually end up getting over it and liking the shorter do. I will definitely miss my usual long pony tail if I go this route. But if I leave it long will I end up back at the salon in 6 weeks getting it cut short anyway? What a dilemma.

Well, no matter what happens I need to do something because it’s getting so long that my arms aren’t long enough to blow dry some curls into any more. A problem indeed.

I’m sure this post will bring with it a request for before and after pics. Hold your horses…I’ll get to that a little later today.