TTIC #12 – Twilight Quotes

This week the lovely and talented Julie selected our Twilight Tuesday Theme! I’m so excited about this one because I love the theme and it gives so many posibilities. I can’t wait to see what the other ladies make.

The Craft Theme:

So now the theme: Twilight Quotes. We were to pick a quote from any of the books including the excerpt of Midnight Sun and create a piece revolving around that.

I have been dying to draw this picture for ages but haven’t been able to get started so last night I grabbed my pencils and set up Chris’s laptop (it’s oddly easier to work from the computer than it is from a printed photo – weird, I know) and got started. **I should have started days ago but you know me…procrastination is my thing.** And then I struggled with it. It was taking me ages to get anything done so I’m not finished but I have the bones of the drawing down so I thought I would share those with you and as the day(s) go on I’ll continue to show you the work in progress until it’s finished. So here is the quote:

Edward Cullen was standing four cars down from me, staring at me in horror. His face stood out from a sea of faces, all frozen in the same mask of shock.

This is such a highly descriptive part of the book. It’s so vivid in detail and pace that when you are reading it the pages fly by so I hunted up one of the still shots from the movie that depicted this scene. It’s still very rough, but that one eye is looking good. 😀

Now on to the part you are wanting to see, the picture:

TTIC #12

TTIC #12

The Comment Challenge:

And now on to the comment part. The next part of Julie’s challenge was to tell about some of your favorite quotes from the books. Well I think my absolute favorite comes from Emmett because he’s just generally hysterical and I love the comic relief he brings to the books so here goes:

“Fall down again Bella?” “No Emmett, I punched a werewolf in the face.”

And since I don’t have my copy of Eclipse with me I can’t do that quote justice and give page numbers and such…but I will….later.

Now go check out the lovely work the other girls did. I’m sure they have made some beautiful things!

Beth ~ Dani ~ Eve ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca ~ Tonya

**Side note, since they just canceled school today it’s likely that I’ll be able to finish this up today. You know since there is HALF an inch of snow on the ground and we don’t have any built in snow days lets just call school off all willy nilly so we are going until the middle of June.**

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