TTIC#13 – the supporting crew

So this week’s it’s MY turn to pick our challenge for TTIC!!! WooHoo!!! AND it’s the first offical post on our new blog. Hot dog!! So head over there to check out the ‘official’ post for this week. AND we are also introducing a new TTIC forum for anyone who is chatty and is interested in participating. There are lots of creative ideas flowing over there so stop by.

Okay so what did I pick. Well I decided it was time to give a little love to the lesser people. It’s time to honor the supporting characters. So the question was who is your favorite/least favorite supporting character (no Cullens, Bella or Jacob allowed) from any of the books including the draft of Midnight Sun?

So who is my favorite supporting character? Well, it was hard to choose especially because I haven’t read the books in a while but I think I’d have to go with the pack. I know it’s not just one person its like 12 but aside from the Cullen parts of the books the parts that center around La Push and the pack are my absolute favorite. They are people I would love to hang out with.

Now who is my least favorite…hands down without a doubt…Leah. That girl gets under my skin. Now I realize she was dealt a pretty sorry bit of luck with the whole imprinting thing but good night girl, get over your self, pick yourself up and stop trying to drag the world down with you. Deal with it. You can’t change it so MOVE ON. Whew….trotting down off my soap box now.

So what am I doing for my creative challenge. Well that is still in progress. I have a jewelry piece I’m doing to represent the pack. I’m hoping to have pics of it tomorrow AND I’m starting a new drawing in addition to the one of Edward that I haven’t finished. So stay tuned. 😀

January Blog Candy

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A Few Housekeeping Items:

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