Twilight Tuesday Challenge #17

Wow! I can’t believe that we’ve made it to the end of the first 8 challenges since the new design team members were added. Whew!! It’s been tons of fun and I’m excited about what we have planned for the next 8.

This week Beth chose our challenge and she’s given us a whopper.
Jacob Black.

As Beth is the only Team Jacob member of the design team this wasn’t a huge surprise. 😀 Head over to the TTIC blog to read her hilarious post.

For the comment portion of this challenge Beth decreed that we must but nice to his character. After much grumbling in the Team forum we all agreed we could do this. 😉 I for one like his character a lot and find that it brings a nice balance to the books. His character in the beginning of New Moon is one of my favorites (maybe even more so than Edward – GASP, did I say that outloud?). I think the thing I like the most about his character is his easy going, funny nature. Even when he is not so nice in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn he’s still hilarious. What’s not to love about someone that inspires chapter titles like: “Why didn’t I just walk away? Oh right, because I’m an idiot.” (Chapter 10, Breaking Dawn, pg. 185)

For this challenge I immediately knew I would make jewelry. I wasn’t quite sure what I would make at first but a weekend shopping trip immediately remedied that – this pendant just practically jumped off the rack and into my cart.



Immediately the quote where Bella refers to Jacob as an earth bound sun sprung to mind and the rest was history.

In the same shopping trip I ran across these gorgeous ceramic hearts. My original design plan was to knot it to a white cotton rope cording and also knot on some accent beads up the chain, unfortunately I could not get the rope through the hole in the ceramic heart – it wasn’t too thick but it continually snagged and after 30 minutes I changed my plan to a simple knotted leather cord. I may go back and work that first design again later.


You might be wondering how this relates to Jacob. Well, honestly it was one of those instinctual grabs that I just knew would work to represent him but I wasn’t really thinking specifically of how. As I look at it now the earthiness of it sort of looks like how I think Bella feels about him. It’s not the diamond that so perfectly represents Edward but it’s beautiful none the less.

If you are interested in either of these they can be found later this week in my Etsy store.

Now go check out what all the other team members created and see what our other participants think over at the TTIC blog.

Beth ~ Dani ~ EveJulie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca ~ Tonya

And don’t forget Margie’s Blog Candy for Febrary – there are three ways to win!!

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