Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge 27 – Jasper Hale

Julie picked this weeks challenge and this is what she had to say:

It was my turn to choose this week’s theme for the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge – it’s time to show some love to Jasper Hale! Oh, I think we can handle that.

The creative part of this challenge is to make a piece that says “Jasper” to you. And the comment portion for this week is all about Jasper’s amazing calming abilities. What do you like to do to create that Jasper-style calm for yourself? Tell us about it!

So for this week I made a “Jasper Collection” of glass pendants. There are 4 pendants in all: I ? Jasper, You are worth it., Team Jasper, exactly my brand of prozac.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery after I got the first two photographed but I’ll update tomorrow with all of them. 😀 Here are the two that I was able to finish:






Now what calms me down? Drawing for sure. It certainly puts me in a zone where I can block everything else out and then reading is probably the only thing second to that. I love getting lost in a book. I can get caught up in a story and read for hours neglecting everything else I need to be doing.

Go check out the work of the rest of our lovely design team and stop by to get full details on this weeks challenge!

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