what a weekend

Wow. I had no idea that if you started the weekend early on Friday afternoon you could cram this much stuff into it.

Chris has a lovely job at a lovely place that invented the best thing I’ve ever heard of during the summer.

Summer hours.

Basically this means that from Memorial Day to Labor Day the staff is divided into two teams, the red team and the green team. Now here’s the best part… they alternate having every other Friday as a half day. Obviously work has to get done first but how sweet is that???

So Friday before Chris left for work we decided to head to the lake as soon as he arrived home from work. I scrambled around packing, laundering, putting a bed together, running errands, etc. to be ready the moment he got home. We jumped in the car and headed off to the lake (read: large pond).

Friday afternoon was then filled with lots of fishing:

15 inch crappie
This one was caught by Chris last weekend. EVEY caught one this weekend that was about an inch shorter. That girl has the magic touch when it comes to fishing.

Saturday we went to A Day Out With Thomas which is one of the coolest things I’ve been to in a long time designed just for kids. Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me for this. 🙁 We were all able to ride on a rehabbed old train that has a Thomas train at the front. Ben loved it. We almost couldn’t get him home, lol.

Thomas was followed my a few Gator rides, some paddle boating, more fishing, some lawn mowing, some meatloaf cooking, and some reading. Busy, busy day.

Today Chris and Evey got up bright and early and headed to a local amusement park while Ben and I chilled out at home. We played a lot of “pat, pat, blastoff” and tickle torture, and tackle mommy. I mowed our yard and crammed in a few blog posts.


It’s going to be a busy busy busy week too… here’s hoping I can keep up. 😀

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