I’m speechless…almost.

Now to Lovelyn who asked the million dollar question: “Jen, I love ya, but why do you have 75 comments?” LOL, that cracked me up. The reason is SITS aka the Secrets in the Sauce. What is SITS? It’s a lovely little blogger paradise. Monday thru Thursday they feature a blogger and whoever has time stops by to say hi. It’s fabulous! Yesterday they told me I was going to be Monday’s feature…HOT DAWG! And that my friends is why I have an insane amount of comments today. No worries…tomorrow everything will be back to normal.

So to my SITS friends: Wow. I’m speechless. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today and for leaving all your brilliant comments. It was such a treat to be featured and so so so much fun. Over the next week (or two) I’m going to try to stop over at everyone’s blog and say hi. It may take me a bit but I promise I will be there.

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