It’s time to lend A Helping Hand

With all that’s been going on in the Tennessee these last few weeks and after reading Jessica’s blog last week I decided it was time to do something, anything to help out. After a few emails with my wonderful friend Betty Roberts, the artist of Simply Betty stamps to be introduced June 1. We decided to put together a very special digital stamp set called “A Helping Hand”. Here it is:

This set included 4 images and 4 sentiments and all of them were created keeping our theme in mind – lending a helping hand. We created this set with the sole intention of using it as a tool to help encourage folks to do something to help those in need here in the US. With that in mind, we are giving 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these stamps to the Nashville Red Cross.

With the fantastic help of Jessica Diedrich we are also putting on a very special blog hop using these images! Please do take the time and go through the hop to see the gorgeous creations of each of these very generous stampers. I have to give them all a huge THANK YOU because they all agreed to this on VERY short notice and have been so fantastically kind and wonderful this entire weekend as we hastily got this together. Ladies you are all amazing!!! Thank you so much! Here are all of our hoppers:

For my card on the hop I used Country Girl Daisy… I really like her. She was a blast to draw and I tried to make her a little sassy with her pose and freckles, lol.

Country Girl Daisy

So I hope by now you are wondering where you can donate to a very worthy cause and get a little bit in return with this digital stamp set!! You can find this set at The Wild Flower Patch right NOW! The set costs $15.00 US and remember, 100% of the proceeds go to the Nashville Red Cross.

Too all that can and are willing to donate, I appreciate your generosity so very much, and even if you can’t I would be so very grateful if you could help spread the word. Grab the image of the stamp set and post it on your blog sharing this opportunity with others!

Thanks!!! Have a wonderful day!


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