My Top 10 Cards of 2010

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The fabulous Suzi sent me a link a bit  ago about picking my favorite cards of 2010. It took me a while to get this together and it was REALLY difficult to do seeing as I had 100 to chose from and as I was picking I had about 30 that I just HAD to use but some how I got it down to 10. It seems like in the end I picked cards that were more of a challenge to me or got me to think a little outside my comfort zone. You can see the full year here if you are interested.

So in chronological order from oldest to newest:


Burtonesque Blog Hop


Faith and Hope





Holiday Joy

Little Dreamer

If you’d like to play along your can get more info on Suzi’s blog!

What are your favorite cards that you made from 2010?

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