So I’m trying… really I am, to take more pictures. Nothing fancy… just more. For awhile there I was only using this fancy DSLR for cards and honestly, that’s a tragedy I’d say. So I’m working on it. Here are a few things I snapped this week…

This lovely tree was just beginning to bud that the in-laws farm house. I adore their house. There is an infinite amount of pretty things to photograph there.

While at said farm house Chris took the kids out in the canoe. Evey’s getting all ready to go. (ignore the Project Life overlay… I’m getting these ready to print.)

Riding on the Gator always yields this face. 🙂

Not much fishing for Chris… just rowing and untangling.

Ben was the only one who managed to haul something in and this was the story afterward… 14 inch bass on a teeny tiny Cars fishing rod. We through him back though. 🙂

And this was just a bit of left over foliage from last year that just begged to be snapped.

Wanna share what you snapped this week? Leave me a comment and a link and I’ll come say hi. 🙂

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