TBD Victorian Ladies

It’s time for another Burtonesque Dolls challenge and this week our challenge is to create a card using one of Simply Betty’s Victorian Beauties women! These new stamps will be released on THURSDAY from Simply Betty so look for them then!

My card is pretty simple today as I am away from home and traveling with only a small amount of my stamping supplies.

I’m going to be brief today as I am just exhausted from being a camp counselor at a family summer camp…. we’ve had a full day of activities… leaf journals, tie dye, swimming, paddle boating, freeze tag… the list goes on. I need some sleep, lol.

victorian beauties card

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! I’ll be back tomorrow with a WFK card!

p.s I do apologize for the image quality this post… I’m posting the entire thing from our iPad and my editing options on photos are limited. 🙁

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