Work In Progress Wednesday!

Ripple crochet blanket by Jen Shults, pattern from Attic24

I am hoping to start a new weekly post on Wednesdays called Work in Progress Wednesdays to help me focus on blogging some of my crochet projects. I’m terrible about photographing them as I work and I want to share them!

So first up is a project I’ve been working on for my daughter’s bed. It’s a ripple crochet blanket using Cascade 220 Superwash yarn in 20 different colors that will eventually turn into a twin sized blanket. I am a bit ashamed to say I’ve been working on this one for over a year and haven’t even made it to the half way point. Lets just say I’m easily distracted… as you will see. 🙂

Crochet Ripple Blanket by Jen Shults, pattern from Attic 24

The pattern for this one comes from Lucy over at Attic 24. It’s her Neat Ripple Pattern. I’m working this on up in Cascade 220 Superwash using a size G (4.0 mm) Bates crochet hook.

Harlequin crochet blanket by Jen Shults

This next one is a new stitch I’ve just recently picked up from this fantastic pattern from Berroco. I fiddled with it for awhile before getting the hang of it. There are a couple of pieces to this stitch that my analytic brain didn’t like at first but after I figured out the why’s of it everything worked great!

Harlequin Stitch Blanket by Jen Shults

This one is worked up using cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby, I Love This Cotton, using H (5.0 mm) Bates hook. This hook size is maybe a tad small for this yarn but I wanted the blanket to have a nice tight feel. It’s sized to be a baby blanket for a little guy that should be arriving pretty soon for a family member. SSSHHHHH, don’t tell mom, it’s a surprise.

Granny Square blanket by Jen Shults

And my last work in progress is another baby blanket, this time granny squares. I used this wonderful granny pattern for the squares and am again using Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton. I have all the squares done, I just need to get them all stitched together… which means we need to watch more Doctor Who in the evenings! Win-Win!!!

I have to admit, I love making granny squares but I am not a fan of weaving in ends and this requires a lot of that. But they look so cute, especially all piles up in their little stacks of one color on our coffee table. Well… I think that anyway. My husband doesn’t like my projects all over the house. 🙂


Whew! So those are the crochet projects I currently have in the works. I’m super hopeful I will have the granny blanket done this weekend and will have a big reveal for it soon. 🙂

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